The Year Of Double

What a privilege  it has been to be here at Miracles Of God Church on the 31 December 2013, the Cross Over Night. People all over the country started flocking in as early as 17h00 PM and the service kicked started by songs of Praise, worship and dancing as God has graced the Worship Team with the assignment to lead His people during the service guided by His Spirit. As the service continued Prophet H.J Maluleke joined the congregation and indicated that God has been with us the whole year of 2013 and He is going to be with us in 2014. He indicated that as God manifested himself through signs and wonders He is going to do it double. He boldly declared that this year, the year 2014 is the year of double. “It’s gonna be the year of double the blessings, double the grace, double the promotions and double the anointing.” he added.

First touch of the year.

The service would be incomplete without God’s touch. After the thanks giving prayer was the laying of hands where God demonstrated his power to heal, deliver and to bless. The Prophet prayed for all present in the prayer line saying that in this first touch of the year, all that are not of God can not stay in your body.

Indeed God confirmed these words by delivering all from contrary spirits using his servant. The service will be broadcasted on GNF-TV on 10 January 2014 at 21H00 PM and a repeat on 11 January at 08H00AM. It will also be available on DVDs, please contact the media department at 0606763039 for more info.

We wish you a happy new year with double the blessings, double the grace and double the anointing in Jesus Name.