New Good News TV settings (HD)

We have changed frequencies, please use these details to setup Good News TV on your television set 1.Go to [Menu] ; [Advanced Options]; [Dish Installation] (Pin = 9949) 2.Change [Network 2] to [IS20] (or [IS7]) or [Other] and press [OK]


Please note these instructions do not work on PVR decoders. Press the BLUE DSTV button on your remote. Go to Settings Go to Satellite Settings > Additional Settings – press OK. Make sure the following codes are all the same

The Prophet warns South Africans not to be involved in xenophobic attacks

On the Sunday live service in the Miracles Of God Church Prophet H.J Maluleke has warned all South Africans not to be involved in xenophobic attacks following news reports all around South Africa that many foreigners are being attacked and

The demonstration of God’s power

The live service of the 3rd of December 2014 was one of the services that God chose to demonstrate his power in the lives of his people. As usual the service kick started with the worship team leading the congregation with


On the 30th of November 2014, God was doing miracles and wanders at Miracle of God Church. The service started at 08H30. The worship team led the congregation with songs, praise and worship. Due to the songs, the congregation danced

Anointing sticker stops evil attacks

The power of the anointing through the anointed stickers continues to unfold the mystery of God’s power and grace to all who believe. Mr Nghamula Ndlovu from Homu 14a outside Giyani in South Africa is amongst those who have seen